These forms are to be used to test your documents against an approved format.

1. Enter your text into each section of the form. Be sure you are following the suggested content for that section.
2. When you are finished, click the "Review the Completed Document" button to see how your document will look when it is finished.
3. NOTE: Do not print this final document. Compare it to your original document in Word and make the appropriate corrections.

  Document Name Descri[ption  

Simple Memorandum

Use this basic form for communications within a business or organixation  
  Formal Business Letter To be used when writing a cover letter to your resume or any communication outside of your business or organization.  
  Lab Report - Memorandum Style For writing lab reports to someone in your company. It is pre-determined that this report is three pages or less.  

Proposal - Memorandum Style

Internal (within the same company or organization)
3 pages plus a cost sheet use Memorandum Style.

External or any proposal longer than 3 pages
Use the Formal Proposal.


  Engineering Research Report (pdf) Use this pdf file to organize your research report  
  Design Report (pdf) Senior design project format