Class Schedules for Presentation Dates, Partners, and Topics

ESC 102 Technical Writing & Professional Communication

Report Date: August 15, 2020

Roster: 29 Students

Partner's Name
Sanchez, Jenish Marrero Artificial Intelligence--Our Future
Lubanovich, Ladislav Ryan Defend
Hussein, Mustapha -- Defend
Yancey, Isreal Said Defend
Nanco, Kevin Hadley Defend
Tounia, Abdullah Dosztal Defend
West, Hunter Wong Defend
Hadley, Jerrold Nanco Defend
Wong, Mathew West Defend
Tamulire, Lumiere -- Defend
Almukhaini, Hussein Yancey Defended
Cadle, Travis Wiblin Electro Mobility and the Future
Guyduy, Mark Abu-Hamdeh Finished
Aldhafiri, Mohammed Alshammari Finished
Alshammari, Amjad Aldhafiri Finished
Gill, John Gill, T. Finished
Abu-Hamdeh, Sebrine Guyduy Finished
Wiblin, Sean Cadle Finished
Marrero, Alexis Sanchez Finished
Paden, Mike Ribic Finished
Ribic, Nick Paden Finished
Ryan, Dakota Lubanovich Finished
Gill, Tom Gill, J. Finished
Butchko, Nicholas Brodnick How Technology Affects Our Daily Lives
Brodnick, Alyssa Butchko How Technology Affects Our Daily Lives
Dosztal, James Tounia Roman Concrete
Al Sabqi, Hamed Aldeen Solar Power
Alsultan, Nawaf Rooh Aldeen Type of Engines
Rooh Aldeen, Mohammad Alsultan Type of Engines